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Hero Dogs Calvin – March 2014


Hero Dogs "Calvin"Happy Spring! This month I took it easy. It was doctor’s orders for me to be a couch potato because I had my first surgery! It really isn’t as scary as it sounds and you get lots of cuddles that make it all better.

Before my big day I did manage to get in one last playtime in the snow and it was so much fun!

I have been having a tough time paying attention when I’m around pretty girl dogs lately and Jennifer said we needed to do something about that. I don’t know what the big deal is… maybe they shouldn’t have such pretty dogs at Hero Dogs and then I wouldn’t be so distracted!

One day we went to Dr. Marcie’s and somebody poked me with some strange contraption. Then, a couple days later, early in the morning we went back to Brookeville Animal Hospital for my surgery to help me not be so distracted. A nice lady took us back to a small room and talked to my humans for a while, when all of the sudden everything went dark! All of the lights went out! Quickly the lights came back on and then Dr. Marcie came in to tell us that although they have a back up generator, they would rather reschedule my surgery and x-rays for another day! Haha! I escaped being neutered… or so I thought. I showed up to Hero Dogs class that day and everyone was surprised to see me!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"The very next week we went back to Dr. Marcie’s and did the same things again except this time a nice lady took me into another room and then I fell asleep. When I woke up I felt kind of woozy and kind of sore. But, the nice lady came and cuddled me and made me feel a lot better. The next day my humans arrived and took me home! I couldn’t wait to sleep on my comfy bed. I really wanted to lick where I was sore, but my puppy raisers put human shorts on me so that I wouldn’t mess up my stitches. I think they did that just so they could have a good laugh, but I don’t mind because I love to make people happy! For a couple days after that I took it easy… no jumping or running and I got a lot of sleep.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Once I was healed and had my stitches removed I was able to go back to class! Boy do I love class! Remember the incident I told you about last month in IKEA? Well, we practiced how to avoid something like that happening again. When my human goes into the bathroom I stand next to them while they “Get Busy” and then they use me to balance when they get up off the white “Get Busy” seat. The tricky thing for me is not laying down and staying in a “Stand” position… I get really bored so I just want to lay down, but my humans say that’s gross in a public bathroom. I don’t know what they are talking about because those places smell amazing and the floor tastes wonderful! We also practiced “Go” when we have to go through an aisle like in an airplane and go ahead of our human and maybe even sit at the end. That was pretty tough and I think I need to practice that more! When I’m really confused about a command I try to lay my head on my human or on any object or chair nearby because “Lap” and “Touch” are my favorite commands.

I am now 15 months old! I am so happy for the warm weather and spring! I love snow, but now I am looking forward to water, swimming, and more walks! I also hear there is a holiday coming up about bunnies and eggs, and I can’t wait!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"


Calvin’s Journal – February 2014


Hero Dogs "Calvin"This month was a lot of fun! I watched my first doggie sporting event, I went on several adventures, shared my love on Valentine’s Day, and I got to play in more snow!

The first weekend of the month was so much fun! My humans called it “Superbowl Sunday.” I’m not sure why… There wasn’t a giant bowl anywhere! I enjoyed watching Puppy Bowl X where puppies of all kinds get to run around and play! I cheered on all the puppies and squeaked my “Deers Bite” beer bottle toy. I wore my football jersey and celebrated all night with my football! My fish brother Poncho even got to watch the Fish Bowl! There was a little something for everyone that night!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Christen and Brendan needed some things for the house so I went with them on a little road trip to this great big yellow box the humans call “IKEA.” It was sooo much fun! First, I pushed the button for the elevator for the first time and it was awesome! Then, the humans got food and I practiced “settle” under the table until they were done. Christen needed to “get busy” so I went with her into the humans relief spot. I did really well except I might have looked under the dividing wall to say hello to the other human on the other side while Christen was trying to lock the door. I know I’m not supposed to, but there was ANOTHER HUMAN on the other side! Turns out humans on the other side are not very pleasant so I recommend you do NOT look under that wall! After that I decided to behave and wait for Christen to tell me what I should do. There was even a small human washing bowl right at my height! We walked around and practiced “back,” “side,” “heel,” and “leave it.”

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Would you believe it?!?! More snow came and I had so much fun playing in it! I even learned how to shovel snow… well sort of. The humans helped me build my first snowman and he looked really tasty, especially that carrot on his face!

I celebrated Valentine’s Day, a day of love, by dressing up in a bow tie and sending my photo to all the pretty ladies in my life! Did I tell you?!?! We have a LOT of pretty ladies at Hero Dogs! But don’t try your luck with Hero Dogs Libby because she is a strong independent lady!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I went to a mall this month called The Columbia Mall! It is this place where humans go to get all sorts of weird things and they eat there too! I went to a couple stores and practiced “leave it” where I couldn’t even sniff anything. I practiced “leash,” “take it” where I picked up keys, “side,” “heel,” and “watch.” I had a great time practicing my skills. There was also a giant water bowl with water shooting up to the sky. Too bad I was working or I would have totally jumped in and swam around!

At the end of this month I turned 14 months old! I am doing very well at many of my commands such as “take-it / paws-up” when I pick up an object and then put my front paws on a table or chair and hand the object to a human. I love helping out around the house, picking up dropped items or even pulling the laundry basket! Who said that was work?!? I love to help!

Oh, I almost forgot! I love to snuggle! I love being close to people! So if you come and visit me you might just get a cuddle or two!


Calvin’s January Adventures


Happy New Year! I have had a great lazy month. I did so much last month that I decided to have more fun, play in the snow, and cozy up by the fire. I still worked my tail off of course, but I got to relax in the warm house a lot more.

To celebrate my birthday I brought homemade dog cookies to my first Hero Dogs class that my mom made. They smelled really yummy because they had peanut butter in them!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I took my first trip to this huge place full of food and goodies! The humans call it “Costco.” It smelled amazing right as we entered, but I behaved myself and I didn’t even try to eat anything off of the floor. Now that I’m a year old I am a lot better at paying attention to my puppy raisers. I mostly practiced my training picking up my leash or keys, practicing “heel,” “side,” and “watch” where I look at my puppy raiser.

It snowed sooo much this month! I don’t know why the humans complain about snow… it is so much fun! My puppy raisers put a GoPro camera on me while we played in the snow and it was so awesome. I love being a camera dog! Oh and did I mention how delicious snow is? I love to eat snow, especially the icy bits! I love to run and play ball in the snow too! Snow is pretty much my favorite besides water.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"After playing in the snow I love to cuddle. I have been feeling pretty cuddly lately, so I snuggle on feet or if a human sits on the ground I like to rest my head or most of my body on their lap. My dad likes to play his guitar for me and I just love to cuddle up to him when he is playing. The music really relaxes me.

Hero Dogs had its quarterly puppy meeting this month and we practiced many things. We practiced putting our head on someone’s hand and staying still so they could look at our teeth and eyes. We also practiced getting our nails trimmed, being toweled off, standing on a scale without moving around, getting groomed and even getting a shot. I did pretty well, but I get really wiggly when I’m at Hero Dogs because I am so excited to be there!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I have been practicing my skills under the table this month. I went to a very yummy smelling place the humans call “Noodles & Company.” No one noticed I was there as I practiced “Settle” under the table and “Leave it.” This one nice lady who brought out the yummy food did notice me, but she thought I was well behaved. I didn’t get to eat any noodles, but because I was being so good I did get some of my kibble.

I met a new Hero Dog this month! He is so awesome! His name is Mitch. My puppy raisers were hanging out with him and I just wanted to smell him and play with him, but they told me he isn’t big enough to play yet. I hope he has so much fun in his adventure to become a Hero Dog service dog!

At the end of this month I turned 13 months old! I have been doing well with my commands. I can do “Lap” where I rest my head on someone’s lap, and “Paws Up”/ “Lap” where I gently put my paws on someone’s lap and rest my head on a person’s lap. I can also pick up objects, put my paws on a higher surface and hand the object to a human. I love to do “Bring” where I take an object and hold it until given a command to do something with the object. I love “Bring” so much that whenever my puppy raisers drop anything like a shoe or a glove I bring it to them. I even bring them other people’s shoes to see if they are paying attention!

I hope there is more snow on the way! I heard that next month there is a very romantic day the humans call “Valentine’s Day” where you celebrate love! I can’t wait!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"


Calvin’s Journal – December 2013


I have been very busy this past month! It was my birthday month!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"It all started with a visit to a very busy place the humans call Baltimore city. I went there to represent Hero Dogs at the Combined Federal Campaign charity fair at the US Army Corps of Engineers office. It was great! I went through a weird arch way again (security) and practiced “go through” until Christen met up with me on the other side. I met many people who loved seeing me perform my commands. After awhile I became so tired that I even fell asleep. Everyone mentioned how calm and well behaved I was. I really appreciate the compliments! It makes me feel good knowing all my training is paying off! I always like to do well knowing that I am helping Hero Dogs spread the word about service dogs. Although I must tell you I didn’t potty the whole time because Christen told me to “Get busy” on the pavement! I just looked at her like she was crazy (I don’t normally potty on the sidewalk at home so it was very strange that she told me that), but there wasn’t even the tiniest bit of grass or mulch anywhere in sight! She told me I have to learn to potty on all surfaces… Boy I love humans, but they can be really weird sometimes.

One Hero Dogs class this month proved that the humans are certainly silly. During class all I had to do was “sit-stay” or “down-stay.” That wasn’t the tricky part though! While I was laying down they turned on the loud sucking machine the humans call a vacuum, they had stuffed toys that made noise, remote controlled toys, wooden ducks, and they even had a loud alarm go off! So strange! I think they were having fun, but I sure was working hard to ignore all those distractions. I think watching Jennifer put a chicken on her head was my favorite! Silly humans…

My puppy raisers put a tree inside the house. Yeah… a TREE IN THE HOUSE! Then they put lots of lights and sparkly things on it. I decided I wanted to put something on the tree like they were doing so I put my paw in this gooey stuff and it left a print of my paw. Then they tied a string on it and hung it on the tree. They said that every year they would hang it up and think of me.

Now that I am getting older I had my second puppy meeting with Becca. This time we met in a grocery store. I didn’t know she was going to be there so when I first walked in I was a SO excited and distracted. She smells like kibble, Hero Dogs, and pure happiness! I proceeded in giving her kisses… then I got right to work. I practiced walking next to a shopping cart, “go through” where I go ahead of the human, and “follow” where I go right behind the human. I practiced “under” where I went under a table and laid down. I even got to wait in the checkout line. Becca said now that I am a big boy I can even hand my puppy raisers things on the counter to help them when they are buying things. She also mentioned that I could no longer interact with humans walking around who I don’t know when I am working. That is disappointing, but I know I must learn to ignore distractions and work hard to become the best Hero Dog I can.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"The very next day guess who I met!? SANTA PAWS!!! I couldn’t believe it! I really met him! I must admit I was a bit pup-struck… I greeted him just like I had seen him many times before! He had long white fur on his face and he smelled precisely like 67 other dogs. He asked me what toys I wanted and I told him ones that were round and squeaked! We even took a picture!

After that this fluffy wet cold stuff started to fall from the sky! The humans call it “snow.” I tried to catch it in my mouth, but it kept disappearing! I love catching snowballs, but they get lost easily. It’s so much fun to run in the snow as fast as I can… and then eat mouthfuls of it! I had to potty a lot after playing in the snow. Now whenever I look out the door and see snow on the ground I want to go out and play in it sooo bad.

My human aunt came to town one week and we had so much fun! I even brought her to Hero Dogs class! For class we went to Rockville Town Square. It was very busy there. There were big trees with shiny globes on them and people gliding around in a big pen of shiny floor stuff. We practiced “leave it” where, this time, not only could I not eat food on the floor, but also I couldn’t even sniff poles or anything. Then we practiced passing by the other Hero Dogs and pretended they weren’t there. I also practiced “sit-stay,” “down-stay,” “under,” “take it,” and “paws up.” What an intense class!

I went to the post office for the first time! I went there to drop off a present for my girlfriend for the holidays. My puppy raisers helped me get the package ready and then I dropped off the package myself! I received a package from her as well. She gave me new Chuck-It balls to play with! Boy the holidays are great… I get to give toys… and I GET toys too!

My puppy raisers got me this furry thing to put on my head. They said it was for taking holiday photos. I felt humiliated wearing it. After I saw the picture I realized they were trying to turn me into a reindeer! How strange is that?! I think the holidays make humans even sillier than they already are.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"One night the humans were just waiting around for something. I had my vest on in the house, which is unusual, and I had my leash on. All of the sudden many humans showed up and there were yummy smells everywhere. I got to show people what I could do… I felt like I was performing for an audience all night. They called it a “holiday party.” Then I was so tired my humans let me go take a nap.

One magical morning I woke up and couldn’t believe my eyes! It was Christmas morning and Santa Paws had come and left me new toys! I wore a red ribbon that day and my puppy raisers called me their Christmas Puppy… I felt so special! There were more toys then I have ever gotten at one time and I didn’t know which one I should play with first! I enjoyed my first Christmas very much!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I turned 1 year old on December 31st! My puppy raisers took me out to play for a LONG time. I wore a shiny pointy hat and Christen made me a dog food cake with a number 1 on it! I am a New Years Eve puppy! Everyone was celebrating my birthday and stayed up pretty late! My puppy raisers said they couldn’t believe I am already one year old. They told me they are very proud of me, and of all I have accomplished in one year. While giving me a hug good night they told me that I will make a great service dog one day.

I have many more photos of my adventures so be sure to check out my Flickr page!


Hero Dogs “Calvin” – November 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"Oooh it’s getting cold outside! I can’t believe how fast this month has gone! Not to mention how early it gets dark out. You would think because it gets darker sooner that my dinner would be earlier, but no such luck. At least I have the fire to keep me snuggly and warm.

At class this month we had a lot of fun… I mean work. We had a costume party and I dressed as Yoshi (of Super Mario Bros). Archie and Beau even came to big dog class as a hot dog and a turtle! We practiced many of our commands in our costumes and I practiced “Paws Up” where I put both of my paws on a bench or chair.

One day my puppy raisers told me that I would have to stay at home for a little bit because they were going to Hero Dogs Maverick’s graduation! Although I was disappointed that I had to stay home, I am extremely proud of him. Ethel, his human veteran, and Maverick have worked so hard together and they are a great team! I hope that one day I can be just as lucky!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I went on my first Combined Federal Campaign event this month on my own… well, my puppy raisers came too. We met many friendly people at the Social Security Administration. I got to practice “Go Through” when I had to walk through a metal detector ahead of my puppy raiser, and then “Sit” and wait for her to go through. I love practicing my skills in real life! I sat through a presentation and practiced being quiet. Everyone wanted to learn about what tasks I could perform that would help my future veteran, and I showed them how I retrieve objects like keys and remotes, and also how I touch buttons to open doors or turn on light switches. Of course I am not even a year old yet so I am still learning, but I think my charm… or as my puppy raisers call it “puppy swagger”… brought lots of people over to our table!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Later in the month we had class at what the humans call “The Mall.” It should really be called “The Yummy Smells Place.” We practiced “Leave it” where food would fall on the ground and I couldn’t eat it. If I left it alone I learned that I got my own treats instead and then I didn’t care about the food on the floor any more.

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving this month! It is an awesome holiday filled with yummy smells! My puppy raisers made me a frozen dog food pie and I loved it! There were even dogs on the big light box so I think this must be a holiday for dogs!

At the end of this month I turned 11 months old! My puppy raisers tell me next month on New Year’s Eve is my first birthday and I am so excited! I get the biggest birthday party around the whole world for my birthday! I enjoy being a New Year’s Eve Puppy!

I have been hearing rumors about Santa-paws! If what I heard is true I am really looking forward to the holidays and Santa-paws!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"


Calvin’s Journal – October 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"This month I had so much fun learning about new places and things!

One day my puppy raisers said they were going to go to Hero Dogs HQ, but they couldn’t take me with them! I was very disappointed of course. They said they were going to learn pet first aid so they would know what to do if I got hurt. They learned a whole bunch of information and I feel safer now that they know what to do in an emergency.

Hero Dogs quarterly meeting was this month! First, we all met at the Hero Dogs field. It was so much fun to run around with all the Hero Dogs! I especially enjoyed playing with Annie… she is so pretty! Then, it started to get dark and we went to Hero Dogs HQ. At the meeting we welcomed all the new humans and puppies and went over very important human information. After all the boring human stuff we worked on “pull” where I tugged on a rope, “take it” where I picked up sneakers or phones and handed them to my puppy raisers, and “go,” which was a new command I learned where I go to a target and bring it back to my puppy raisers.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I went on a big adventure to my first pumpkin patch! I saw big round orange balls everywhere! The humans called them pumpkins. I was told to “leave it,” which was very difficult to do, as they smelled very similar to my breakfast! The long strings on them looked delicious to chew on, but I was told to “leave it” again. I did get to ride in the wheelbarrow though and it was amazing! I even met some scary witches and I pretended to be a human skeleton! I practiced many of my skills and learned so much!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I got to see my girlfriend Ceili for the first time since we graduated from Puppy 2 class. I missed her so much! She is so beautiful… I wonder what she’s doing right now? We chased and played ball until we couldn’t any more! We shared a water bowl… had some laughs… it was really a great first date! – I mean play date! – I mean… uhh… playtime… yeah… I can’t wait to go back and visit!

For one of our Hero Dogs classes we met at a shopping center. It was very distracting! There were a lot of smells and little children I wanted to play with. We practiced “stay,” “wait,” “come,” “under,” “step,” “leave it,” and the most difficult thing was staying in a “sit” when another dog and human came up to me. I love going out with all my Hero Dog buddies and learning new skills!

I’m not sure if I told you, but my fish brother Poncho turned 5 years old this month! I had a great time celebrating with him!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Oh! I almost forgot! The best part of this month was Halloween! My puppy raisers carved my face on a pumpkin and my paw prints on another! I celebrated my first Halloween dressed up as Yoshi. Christen was Mario and Brendan was Luigi! They looked really funny with fur above their lips! I even got a special treat of my favorite pureed pumpkin and frozen peas in the shape of a jack-o’-lantern! I saw all these kids come to the door dressed as other silly characters. It was amazing… I don’t think my tail stopped wagging for a while!

I am now ten months old and 56 lbs! I finally learned “stand” and I am pretty good at “touch-hold,” “say hello,” and “lap.” Happy Autumn!


Hero Dogs “Calvin” – September 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"My puppy raisers are saying “It’s Fall” now! I’m not exactly sure what that means but I sure do LOVE running in the leaves and crunching on acorns!

In Hero Dogs class we had a field trip to what the humans call the grocery store. I learned how to walk behind a shopping cart and how to avoid getting my paws rolled over by learning “back” where I walk backwards. Then we went to the curb and I learned “step” where I go up a step two paws at a time. I had a difficult time going up… I thought the humans wanted me to hop over the curb, but when we did “step” on the way down I started to understand that I have to take it slow down the stairs and not run down them like I normally do.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"This month I went to my first fair! I had so much fun! I got to ride a tram from the parking lot and smelled all the air going by! It was very crowded and there were so many yummy things on the ground so I had to “leave it” often. Then I met many animals I had not seen before. There were cows, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, and ducks. I enjoyed my trip so much! Lots of people and children loved asking about my training and me. I was so tired after the fair that I fell asleep right away!

I have been making many trips to the Hero Dogs field for playtime! I love running into everyone there! I love chasing Zephyr, Miri, and Hero Dog Libby. Sometimes I am really lucky and run into Ms. Jo Anne’s Beau, Hero Dog puppy Archie, or Hero Dog Grant and Java.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"

Towards the end of the month I went on my first puppy vacation at the Dickins family’s house. It was an awesome time! I played with their two big Bernese Mountain dogs Mack and Daisy, although they often seemed to have more fun snuggling and relaxing. Every day when the human boys came home from school they would take me out to play in the fenced backyard and we had so much fun. There were also three cats, but they weren’t that interesting. I had a chance to take it a little easy and not focus too much on my training. It was nice to kick my paws up and see what being a pet dog was like for a week.

After the nice puppy vacation I was happy to see my puppy raisers again and get back to training and going to Hero Dogs classes! At the end of this month I turned 9 months old and I weigh 54.6 lbs.


Calvin’s Journal – August 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"

August has been sooo much fun! I graduated from Junior Hero Dogs Class and I started Big Dog Class with many of the other Hero Dogs. It’s a lot more work, but I love to work! I am getting better at “Stay” and “Place” and I just learned “Say Hello” where I rest my head on someone’s hand. At my first class we learned “Look” and “Watch” where I can look at what I want, but I have to stay focused on my puppy raiser when I am around distractions. I practice “Look” and “Watch” a lot on our daily walks and I think I am getting pretty good at it.

In the beginning of the month I went to my first Hero Dogs Annual Golf Tournament! It was so much fun to ride in the golf carts and see all the other Hero Dogs. I met Hero Dogs Amber for the first time and I met Beau the hearing puppy that will take over when Hope retires to help Ms. JoAnne. I loved watching the humans hit these little white balls. I think they call it ‘Golf.’ I actually love watching it on my puppy raiser’s TV so it was super awesome to see it for real! Towards the end of the day I went into this big room and demonstrated how I can pick up keys and return them to someone who dropped them.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"This month has been a great month for all sorts of walks. I’ve explored so many parks, lakes, and rivers! I visited Lake Elkhorn, Centennial Lake, Wilde Lake, and Patapsco State Park. In the state park I walked over a swinging bridge! I was a little unsure when it started bouncing, but my puppy raiser gave me food and assured me that it would be fine! I enjoyed the wonderful views of the water below. We walked for a while and then I went under a big tube with water trickling through it! It was so much fun and I got to play in the water! I also practice “Hup” on rocks and platforms in the parks.

Both of my puppy raisers’ birthdays were this month and I celebrated by writing a poem to them!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"

I have been making many trips to different places and stores lately (Wal-Mart, Target, Home Depot, the pharmacy, and pet stores). My favorite so far has been Target. While I was walking by, a little girl went over to her mom and said “Mommy, mommy! Look! It’s the Target Dog!” I was so flattered; of course I am not the Target dog, but my red vest and Hero Dogs Logo looks a lot like a target. I felt like a celebrity dog!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"Towards the end of the month I went on a road trip to Virginia to “The Dog Days of Summer” at The National Museum of the Marine Corps. I met so many people and I loved showing everyone all the things I can do! I also met Hero Dogs Archie for the first time and he was so playful! Of course my Hero Dogs friends Teddy, Mae, and even Maverick (with his veteran partner Ethel) were there too! I went inside and saw all the awesome displays. I was so tired by the time we got to the place where the humans sat down to eat that I “settled” and went right to sleep on the cool floor.

Oh my! Did you hear? Dog flu has been going around lately, but no Hero Dogs have caught it! Just like people get flu shots so did all of us Hero Dogs! We had an influenza clinic… I mean PARTY and it was so much fun to see everyone! I didn’t mind getting my shot at all! After we were all done with our immunizations we practiced “Leave it” where we had to ignore the human food (egg McMuffin) that was on the ground. It was very tempting, and it smelled McAmazing! But I prefer my food better and I didn’t even try to take a bite!

My first summer is almost over, but I am looking forward to cool walks in the fall! My puppy raisers tell me it will be so much fun! They say there will be lots of pumpkins and I love pumpkin in my Kongs! Until next month!


Hero Dogs Calvin – July 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"July has been a big month for me because I have learned sooo much! I celebrated my first Fourth of July playing ball in the backyard and Becca came over to help my puppy raisers learn some new tricks! She taught them “place,” “take it,” and “give.” I am pretty good at all of them now. I love to get things and bring them to people because I get yummy snacks! I can retrieve keys, shoes, TV remotes, cell phones and even my leash!

At Hero Dogs HQ we had my first puppy meeting with my puppy raisers. First we had a romp in Jennifer’s yard and it was sooo much fun. Then we went to Hero Dogs where we sat around for a while and listened to the humans talk. After that we had a great time! I was a team captain and Sammie was the other team captain. We played lots of fun games… like “wear a shirt and pull the laundry basket and pick up the toy and drop it in the basket.” I love getting together with my Hero Dogs family!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I finally finished Puppy 2 this month! At the last class we had puppy Olympics and I won puppy musical chairs! I even got a blue ribbon! That same week I began Junior Hero Dogs classes with Joe puppy and his puppy raisers! We work on Hero Dogs commands and I get lots of individual attention. I love class time with Joe puppy.

We have been making many trips to Wal-Mart, pet stores, parks, and now the hardware store. Everywhere I go people always seem to smile. I love spreading awareness about service dogs and Hero Dogs.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"

Toward the end of the month I went to my puppy raiser’s friend’s house. There was a fenced in yard where I could run around and an even bigger and deeper water bowl! The humans were calling it a pool. I got to wear a different kind of vest that helped me float! I just loved getting these big foam sticks out of the water and running around! I cannot wait to go back soon… I have dreams about the gigantic beautiful water bowl. I MUST go back and retrieve ALL the foam sticks for the humans.

My puppy raisers are saying I’m a teenager now… I’m not sure what that means but boy do I love the lady Labradors! I am now 7 months old, over 50 lbs and still growing!


Calvin’s Journal – June 2013



Happy summer!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"My first summer has been great so far! In the beginning of the month we went to Wagging Tail portraits to raise money for Hero Dogs and I got to hang out with all the big dogs! I even got to see my breeders. I was so excited to see them!

The Hero Dogs Open House was a lot of fun as well! I couldn’t play with everyone so that was pretty tough, but I got to do another demonstration where I did “sit,” “down,” and “come.” I saw my breeders again, and met my sponsor’s parents and many other people. I even met Ike and Luke, his veteran partner. Luke was so nice and let me play with Ike even though he is a working dog now.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I just started Puppy 2 class and it is a lot of work! Two of my classmates from Puppy Kindergarten are in my class: Rory and Cailey. We don’t have playtime in Puppy 2, but Christen and Brendan have this thing called a clicker and every time it makes a sound I get food! I have learned “touch” where I poke my nose to their fist and “stay” where I don’t move. I always get so excited to see Tammy the teacher. She smells like delicious chicken, bacon, salmon, hot dogs, and biscuits all at the same time. I think I love her…

I went to this place called the airport for the first time. There were tons of people in long lines and rolling boxes everywhere. I got to “get busy” on this plastic grass and then we waited for Brendan’s cousin to get off this giant human-moving contraption called an airplane. It wasn’t scary at all and I got lots of treats.

I love Dr. Marcie! I have been visiting her almost every week lately and she gives me lots of pets. I have been pretty itchy and she is going to help with that so I don’t have to keep scratching and nibbling so much.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"One day Christen and Brendan told me it was the first day of summer and they had a surprise for me. After a long walk on a hot day, we went on the deck and there was a giant water bowl!!! It had my toys in it so I ran right in to get them! It was so much fun!

I love going for car rides! Christen doesn’t even have to ask me to “hup” into the car most of the time. And at night I don’t even need Christen to tell me “kennel” — I just walk right in because I am dog-tired! I am growing sooo much and I now weigh just over 45 lbs! I grew out of my kennel and got a new one! Can you believe it?? I am now 6 months old!?!?

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