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Hero Dogs Calvin – July 2013


Hero Dogs "Calvin"July has been a big month for me because I have learned sooo much! I celebrated my first Fourth of July playing ball in the backyard and Becca came over to help my puppy raisers learn some new tricks! She taught them “place,” “take it,” and “give.” I am pretty good at all of them now. I love to get things and bring them to people because I get yummy snacks! I can retrieve keys, shoes, TV remotes, cell phones and even my leash!

At Hero Dogs HQ we had my first puppy meeting with my puppy raisers. First we had a romp in Jennifer’s yard and it was sooo much fun. Then we went to Hero Dogs where we sat around for a while and listened to the humans talk. After that we had a great time! I was a team captain and Sammie was the other team captain. We played lots of fun games… like “wear a shirt and pull the laundry basket and pick up the toy and drop it in the basket.” I love getting together with my Hero Dogs family!

Hero Dogs "Calvin"I finally finished Puppy 2 this month! At the last class we had puppy Olympics and I won puppy musical chairs! I even got a blue ribbon! That same week I began Junior Hero Dogs classes with Joe puppy and his puppy raisers! We work on Hero Dogs commands and I get lots of individual attention. I love class time with Joe puppy.

We have been making many trips to Wal-Mart, pet stores, parks, and now the hardware store. Everywhere I go people always seem to smile. I love spreading awareness about service dogs and Hero Dogs.

Hero Dogs "Calvin"

Toward the end of the month I went to my puppy raiser’s friend’s house. There was a fenced in yard where I could run around and an even bigger and deeper water bowl! The humans were calling it a pool. I got to wear a different kind of vest that helped me float! I just loved getting these big foam sticks out of the water and running around! I cannot wait to go back soon… I have dreams about the gigantic beautiful water bowl. I MUST go back and retrieve ALL the foam sticks for the humans.

My puppy raisers are saying I’m a teenager now… I’m not sure what that means but boy do I love the lady Labradors! I am now 7 months old, over 50 lbs and still growing!


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