Hero Dogs "York"I know April showers are supposed to bring May flowers, but they also bring a very wet Yorkie Poo! My Veteran's SUV went from smelling like Mid-Summer Night to Mid-Stinky Dog Summer in less than five minutes from being outside in the rain! I tried to tell her at least I didn't stink up the SUV with my usual citronella aroma from one of my many stints of wearing the bark collar while I'm at Hero Dogs. Sometimes Jennifer says I'm "too loud" and needs to set a better example for the younger pups in K9 college. I just like everyone to know that I'm there and what better way than singing the song of my people... BARK BARK BARK!!!

Hero Dogs "York"On some of the nice days in April, my Veteran and I made some trips to the local park to run the bases on the baseball field. All right, we didn't actually run the bases, but I did get to chase after the balls my Veteran threw for me. Of course after the first throw I had to take a stick break! I even got to go on some of the playground equipment without any little gremlins running around. I really wanted to go down the slide; however, my Veteran didn't think it would be a good idea to go through a slide with a tunnel.

Hero Dogs "York"

Hero Dogs "York"

Who else celebrated National Beer Day on 7 April? Neither did I, but my Veteran did! I brought her an amazing beer from the Honor Brewery Company. A beer company that honors veterans??? I give it 4-paws up and a wink! I guess there is a national day for everything, so what day is National Good Looking Golden Retriever Day?

My brother's (HD Franklin) Veteran recommended an amazing place full of wonderful smells, plenty of sticks, and a big pool! It's called Leesylvania State Park. Oops...my Veteran just told me it's not a pool, but the Potomac River! The first day I went, my two-legged brother was with me and my Veteran forgot my long leash, so it was only paws deep for all of us. There was a nice playground for us to play on instead. I schooled my Veteran in a game of tic-tac-toe!

Hero Dogs "York"My Veteran ended up bringing me back a week later while my brother was at school and it was awesome! As soon as my Veteran put my long leash on next to the water and gave me permission, I shot straight into the water like a projectile out of a cannon! Every time I came out of the water I tried to help my Veteran out by drying myself off in the sand. You are not going to believe who I saw while I was sunbathing there... Lassie! She was more gorgeous in dog than I could have ever imagined. I tried to whistle at her, but realized mid-bark that dogs can't whistle. My Veteran was not to happy about my flirtatious mannerism. I was just waiting for Lassie to tell us where Timmy was, but alas, she went on her way to find him herself I guess. At the very end of our adventure, we walked over to the dock to look at all of the docked sailboats. I'm so happy that I have given my Veteran the confidence and strength to take me to a place she wouldn't have gone a year ago without me!

I got to take my two-legged brother, Caleb, to an awesome event at Happy Hound in Leesburg, VA. My Veteran bought me some yummy treats and I got my picture taken by Ellen Zangla Photography! I did an awesome job playing "look & watch" and didn't even bark once! My Veteran and I have been working really hard at this. I watched very patiently while my brother got his face painted; unfortunately they made him look like HD Betsy (the kitty cat). I specifically told the lady to make him look furious, instead he looked like an adorable and MEOW-of-this-world PURR-fect kitty! Ha ha ha, I made a cat joke and it wasn't a total CAT-astrophe!

Hero Dogs "York"Between Monday morning classes and our weekly Hero Dogs outing, I don't know which one I'm more excited for throughout the week. I mean Mondays I usually get to see my puppy raiser mommy, Petra, and my other brother HD Ivy. I like to give her my "special" Yorkie hello... jump up and leave my paw prints all over her so she never forgets me! You're welcome Mom! Of course the weekly Hero Dogs outings have their perks too, such as going to random fun places to practice our skills... like Home Depot! Jennifer made it a challenge for all of us by adding chips as a distraction around the store and things we needed to pick up. I'm not going to lie when I tell you I was a little rude to HD Mitch and took a big whiff of his butt while he was trying to work. Nobody's perfect, right?

Since my Veteran is a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant, she still loves all things Marine Corps. I guess that is why she took me to this magical place called the Marine Corps Museum! We got to eat at a place called "Tun Tavern," which was named after the birthplace of the Marine Corps back in 1775. Can you believe that the Marine Corps was born in a bar? Me either! Kinda sounds like the way Hero Dogs was founded except with wine! I got to dress up like Colonial Marines, visit the Striker the EOD dog exhibit, and take a picture next to Chesty in his jeep. I made my Veteran laugh several times because apparently the people standing around in the exhibits aren't real and I thought they were. There were new smells and sounds that made this one of my favorite trips yet!

Hero Dogs "York"

Hero Dogs "York"Hero Dogs "York"Did I mention that we have officially graduated? It was a whole dedicated to just ME!!! Well, maybe it was about HD Annie, Grant, Calvin, Scotty, Radar, Teddy, and Dominic too. The best part of the day was hearing my Veteran talk about how our journey together started off a little "ruff," but with the help from Jennifer, Becca, and the rest of the Hero Dogs family we were able to make it to the finish line!

Looking forward to all the new adventures my Veteran and I get ourselves into next month!