Hullo friends!

My sister Rosie's and my buddy Franklin's graduation went off without a hitch. It was really great to see them again and all my human friends as well. Even Dr. Marcie was there, and she agreed with Ethel that I was getting "chunky" - I tried telling them it was just my winter coat but they didn't believe me. 🙁

Well, you can all relax now, because my weight is almost back to where everyone thinks I should be. Sigh; I do so miss my cookies, though.

Hero Dogs "Maverick"I have been helping around the house inside and out. When the wind blows trash onto the lawns I pick it up and throw it into the garbage. When branches fall from the trees I eat them. Well, I try to eat them, but Ethel tells me to stop and makes me put them into the wood bin.

Inside the house I help out with laundry and putting things away (Hmmm - I wonder if there are any treats left in these pockets.)

I am still not allowed upstairs, but am told that the 2nd floor will be done next week and then I will be allowed up there too.

Hero Dogs "Maverick"I went to the women's memorial with Ethel and her friend. While I was there I met a lady who was an original "Rosie the Riveter." We were so excited to meet my sister's namesake.

Most of my outings are to stores. Ethel and I ride the bus and I lie very still and quietly. Sometimes when we stand to get off the bus people exclaim excitedly because they didn't notice I was on the bus with them. For some reason Ethel thinks that is awesome. I don't. After all, I am "Top Gun Maverick" - everyone should notice me.

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving. I am allergic to turkey, so I will be having salmon. I like salmon a lot, so I am going to enjoy Thanksgiving too. 🙂

Until next time, take care and thanks for supporting Hero Dogs.