Hi Everyone,

I'm living the life! My adoptive dad and mom continue to spoil me and, on occasion, work me. I walk three miles with Mom every weekday, and she still turns on Charity Miles every time so that we're giving something to Wounded Warriors. She has a lot of different paths around where we live, and they all have great smells and, in season, lots of squirrels, chipmunks, deer, and even the occasional fox. On weekends, Dad and she usually take me to a lake or park. We just discovered a bunch of new trails that are four or five miles long. Yay. Their adult children live in San Francisco and Washington, DC, so I don't see them very often, When they visit, my sister takes me on long walks; my brother plays with me in the house.
Here I am in action:   Indie May 2017 Movie
I've remained a trim and muscular 53 pounds. People always think I'm a puppy instead of a just turned five year-old. I don't mind.  When Dad feeds me, which is some of the time, I have to sit, down, back, touch and wait before he lets me at my Kong. Mom still feeds me a little food at a time, but it's all about the yummy food not earning the privilege. I've never stopped getting very excited when a visitor comes to the door. I'm always directed to get a toy, and that calms me down a bit and I don't jump at all. My dad has taught me that it's okay to lie on his lap when he's sitting on the couch or big chair. Although I'm not allowed on their bed when they're home, I think they've figured out that it's my favorite nap spot when they're gone.
Relaxing with Zoey
I still live with my little sister, Zoey, the cat. We get along almost all of the time and she's good company. She's all of nine pounds and does make it clear who's the boss. When I lick her head, I never know if she's going to lick me back or hiss at me. I do know that, when she's laying across the stairs, it's time for me turn around and wait until she decides to move. I've taken over Zoey's extra cat bed. She wasn't using it, and Mom and Dad are amazed by how small I become when I curl up in a ball. I don't sleep there, but it's cozy fun sometimes.
Scratching behind the ears
My dad is a veteran. He does not need a service dog, but I do a really good job of helping him relax and smile when he comes home from work after a 12 or 14 hour day. A lot of what his staff and he do helps keep our military and our country safe. I think in my own very tiny way I still am earning my patriotic name.