Hello everyone! I have been very busy since my graduation in April. I have gone on tons more therapy dog visits met lots of new people. At George Washington University hospital me and my buddies Scotty and Teddy have expanded where we go in the hospital. Before we were just going to the 4th floor to help with rehab but now if it’s a slow day in rehab we go other places in the hospital like the emergency room or other floors of the hospital. Lots of times when we visit the doctors and nurses need us just as bad as the patients. Most of the doctors and staff at GW now know us by name! They are always so happy to see us Teddy, Scotty and I feel like celebrities.

Doing my therapy work

I have also gotten my very own business card. Everyone thinks I am super fancy and they are right I am! I love going around and handing out my business card to the people I met this way they can remember me and tell all their friends and family about me. At Walter Reed all the dogs in the Red Cross pack have their own personal business cards and the kids and some of the staff collect them like they are trading cards!

You are not a dog!

Other than my therapy dog visits I have had some other exciting stuff going on. There have been more puppies for me to teach I personally watched both Maggie and Honor, don’t tell Honor but Maggie was my favorite I really liked playing with her.

Honor thinks I am great!

There also have been two different kind of puppies at Hero Dogs Stella and Hazel. These two look nothing like any puppy I have ever seen but I guess they are called Spinones. I really don’t know about these Spinones and would much rather stick to playing with the Labrador puppies but who knows may they will grow on me.

One of these things is not like the others, and is fuzzy

I have also had a new baby animal move in. A kitten! Her name is Maize and I love her, she is my new baby sister and I love to give her kisses even if she might not enjoy them as much as I like giving them.

Grant and Maize

I love showing her off to my dog friends at Hero Dogs also. We have already had our first long car ride together too!  We went up to New York with Becca for thanksgiving. I tried to show Maizie that car rides are no big deal but on the way up she cried LOTS. Luckily after 3 hours of crying she decided it was not so bad and travel the last 3 hours snoozing like I do. I love going to New York because I get lots of extra snacks! Becca’s Mom always falls for my sad puppy eyes and will give me a treat when I ask nicely. I also like hanging out in the kitchen when Becca’s mom is in there, that way I’m there to help with clean up if she ever drops anything.I am looking at YOU!

Before leaving I went with Becca and her Dad to the Christmas tree farm to pick out the perfect tree for the house. I went around sniffing each one till I found the perfect one.

So many choices...

After setting up the tree it was time to head back to MD to see all my friends I missed while I was gone. Maizie did much better on the ride home and hardly cried at all which made snoozing much more enjoyable.  Maizie and I also met Santa shortly after returning! We were both very good and made sure to tell Santa how good we have been.

Grant and Maize being nice

I am hopeful we made a good impression and Santa will be stopping at our house in a few days.

Checking Santa's RideOk well its time for me to head to work. I will be sure to write to you in 2017!