Hero Dogs "Franklin"On hot summer days I enjoy going for a swim and stick-fishing. On the 4th of July I had no problem with the fireworks noise and I helped Angelee stay calm too.

In early July I got to do parts of my job as a Hero Dog that I don’t always get to practice. My veteran was lifting something heavy and threw her back out again, which was sad because she couldn’t walk us in the woods for days. When she finally did get out of bed, I got to do all kinds of things for her like pick up my leash (“LEASH”), “BRACE” her whenever she stood up, “TAKE IT” and “BRING” to give her the keys, her bag, or *gasp* my baggie of food when she dropped or needed things. We also took our time on stairs or curbs, 'cause I’d need to check in with her so she’d step carefully and not tweak her back while it was healing. Angelee’s boyfriend David came to take me out on walks when my Veteran couldn’t, but he isn’t generous with treats like she is. I kept checking in so he’d give me more snacks but... no luck; not even when I nudged his hand when I thought he sighed like Angelee does. He DID clean up after me (which he HATES doing) so I gave him kisses (he didn’t like that as much as my Veteran does). I was really happy when Angelee fully recovered. I’m going to try to keep her from throwing her back out again because I don’t like walks with David as much.

Hero Dogs "Franklin"The rest of July was very odd.We spent a lot of days with Angelee’s niece and nephews. Then the big people brought home a brand new baby! My Veteran’s niblings (that’s what you call nieces and nephews) are about my height and the eldest is the same age as me, yet they are Super Smart. In just a few days they knew how to give me all the right commands because they copied Angelee. They’d say “Frankie SIT! STAY!” Or if I tried to snatch scraps of their lunch from under their high chairs, they would tell me “PLACE!” It all got very confusing for a few days. Then I got a new kennel from Hero Dogs and I got to sleep a lot when the big people had mealtimes.

I got to try on my new “Superman” Raincoat with Angelee’s niece. She called it playing dress up. The niblings like their way of playing dress up but I told them RED is my color.

Hero Dogs "Franklin"I did really well at a summer concert at Wolf Trap with Angelee and David. There were LOTS of people there and I tried hard not to sniff any of them. I did a good job of keeping Angelee in check when she needed to take me outside and chill out for a moment.

Here are some more July photos for you to enjoy!

Hero Dogs "Franklin" and his best playdate buddy "Shadow"




“Shadow” is my best buddy for playdates. He’s a therapy dog with excellent manners.




Cromwell Kitty (friend of Hero Dogs "Franklin")





Cromwell Kitty found a new home this summer...





Enjoy the rest of your summer and try not to get caught with “tunnel vision” - stay cool now!

Hero Dogs "Franklin"