Before I get into my usual blog I just want to share with you one of my favorite things to do around the house. When Christen does laundry, I love to not only help her DO the laundry, but snuggle up to her socks.

We had a nice visit to our nearby Petco recently. Brendan is obsessed with Star Wars and wanted me to get a photo next to Kylo Ren. I didn’t see what the big deal was… I suppose you could say he kind of …FORCED me into it? Hehe… Then after we got some much needed supplies we visited the adoptable kittens. One in particular seemed very friendly and wanted to hang out with us! Too bad my humans are allergic to cats!

This month Brendan has been having a lot more band rehearsals than usual… and this time not just with the usual dudes in his normal band. He decided to play his first concert as a solo artist! They were preparing Songs My Dog Wrote full band to play to a live audience in Baltimore! Brendan made a video about what was happening and continued getting ready for the big show. It was awesome hearing someone play the trumpet for the first time!

Then we had a therapy dogs class at Hero Dogs HQ and it was a blast. First each dog did one of their therapy dog “tricks” for a video that Jennifer was making. She had me do “lap” on Christen’s lap. Then I got a huge workout jumping through hoops! It’s so much fun! I kept jumping and jumping until I got real tired. After meeting a new fuzzy golden retriever puppy, Grant and I had some playtime. He likes to play a game called “Snarly-Face!” That class was intense! I took a long nap after we got home.

Then just a couple days later we went to Hero Dogs class and it was also a big one! I swear everyone was there! I was so excited! We practiced a lot off leash. I got to walk around and visit with other dogs and come back when called. I did okay, but I got stuck smelling Clara. I know I’ve mentioned this before but yeah she smells SO great and also I think we would make cute puppies together. Then we practiced heel, side, stay, wait, and front all off leash. It was some tough practice, but I'm a ladies’ man… what can I say? When I was leaving Clara was lying on the floor and even gave me a gaze as if to say, "Draw me like one of your French girls!" OH boy did I not want to leave!

The following week Brendan was super busy. He got a new part time job playing in a children’s rock band called “Rainbow Rock Band.” I was listening to him rehearse songs about all kinds of silly animals, cupcakes, superheroes, numbers, and colors. Apparently the members in the band all get special nicknames. They wanted Brendan’s to be dog themed… (I wonder why?) He is now officially Brendan AKA “Rockin’ Pupstar” of Rainbow Rock Band! I’ll have to come to one of their shows sometime and help teach the kids about dogs! I spent lots of good time with Christen though as he was off playing shows.

We went to another Hero Dogs class soon after where I met my newest future therapy dog friend, Elsa the German Shepherd. She is super sweet and fluffy! I can't wait until we are co-workers! We started class with distractions such as a vacuum and fire alarm. We worked on "touch," "hold," "place," "stand," and "brace." There were many young dogs in my class so I was pretty excited to meet all the unfamiliar faces. I'm so proud of my pack! After class I had silly snuggle time with Brendan.

Then Friday of that week, Brendan had his big first show as a solo artist! He said it went really well. When he shouted into the crowd asking who had dogs, they all went wild. One girl in the front row said her dog’s name was Winston, so he dedicated the next song to Winston. I was so proud of him when he came home. I smothered him in kisses. Then I told him to not get too comfortable because “we have another gig on Sunday!”

The following Sunday we went to WOOFSTOCK up in Harrisburg, PA. This was our third time going. Brendan performed our songs by himself on acoustic guitar their as he usually does. I met a ton of people, talked about therapy dog work, gave a couple pawtographs, and got to watch the annual doggie costume contest! It was a loooong day and HOT! Good thing my humans brought my portable pop-up kennel to help keep me in the shade along with plenty of water. It was so much fun. I had a wonderful long nap afterwards.

Then we finished off the month with another Hero Dogs class! It was great! We practiced "Touch," "Hold," "Stand," "Brace," and we retrieved water bottles withOUT puncturing them. Newest pup HD Kirby was there too! We ended the night with a cuddle session much like how Hero Dogs puppy class would conclude back in the day. Ah yes… the good ‘ol puppy days. I can’t say I was really ready for a nap at that moment because I came there to TRAIN! I still pretended to nap though ya know because …treats. Well that’s it for September! See you in October where I hear things will be getting spooky!