Well, winter break started off quiet and relaxing. I love being back home in MD with Margaret’s family and my buddy Lincoln. I visited the Hebrew Home of Greater Washington with some of the Hero Dogs Therapy dogs: Grant, Scottie, Ivy, Teddy, & Robbie. I enjoyed retrieving the tennis balls for the residents and helped to put away my toys at the end of the visit. I also attended Hero Dog classes while I was home. Margaret dressed Lincoln and I up as Santa and his helper and we attended a Christmas Light Show. I also helped the family decorate for Christmas…well I napped, while the family decorated for Christmas! After Christmas, we went to Deep Creek Lake to celebrate New Years.

Everything changed when we came home from the lake. Margaret brought home a puppy! No more quiet and relaxing days. This puppy is Hero Dogs Lucy, one of the service dogs in training. She tries to play with me, bite my ears, and snuggle in my bed! It took me a few weeks, but once I realized Lucy wasn’t going anywhere, anytime soon, I accepted Margaret’s crazy decision. Now we are best buds and I love having another dog to play with. Everyday we train together: I practice place while Lucy works on commands and then we switch roles. Margaret says I’m a good big brother. Lucy is very smart and is already picking up on some of the more advanced skills I’m working on!

In March, Margaret, Lucy, and I headed back to Wheeling. Once we were back, I returned to my weekly therapy dog visits. I was very happy to see the nuns and nurses at the nursing home, Mt. St. Joseph again. They had a welcome back party for me! I also started visiting other nursing homes in the Ohio Valley region with two other therapy dogs. I love going out to work and many people happy.

I celebrated my fourth birthday in June. I had two birthday parties this year! The first one was at Mt. St. Joseph with all the nuns and nurses. They gave me lots of presents and doggie ice cream. Then in the evening, we were going out to celebrate with Margaret and our friends. Turns out they had a surprise birthday party for me and Margaret! Margaret’s birthday is a few days after mine, so our friends had a conjoined, surprise party! It was awesome…I had more doggie ice cream and even some extra human food (shhh, don’t tell Margaret ;))

At the beginning of July, we moved out of our apartment in Wheeling. We lived there for two years. The longest place I’ve lived! I said bye to all my PT friends and roommate in Wheeling. I was very sad to leave my roommate because she gives me lots of cuddles and hugs. Hopefully I will see her soon…maybe this summer!

Well, now its time to relax, for a few weeks, before we move to Ohio for Margaret’s next clinical!
- Archie

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